About us

A company that prioritizes continuous R&D and quality improvement

With the world's best technology
We prepare for a successful tomorrow together with our customers.



Unity collaboration

Fulfillment of responsibility

Management Philosophy

Creating a company trusted by customers
Creating a competitive company through new product development
We pursue a new leap in quality by innovating product production based on four quality goals.

Production innovation

Production cost reduction
Multiplayer Training
Promotion of production innovation activities and process improvement
Creating a working atmosphere

Quality improvement

Strengthening the quality assurance system
TQM activity development
Intensive improvement of Q COST inhibitors

Increase in sales

Goal management
Securing new markets
Bond management
Overseas market development

Achieving an accident-free workplace

3 Jeong 5S life
Improving the working environment and raising awareness of safety education

Company organization chart

Korea Trading & Industries Corporation is constantly striving to improve the existing system and strengthen the capabilities of its members for customer satisfaction and better technology development.

Excellent technology, accumulated know-how, advanced production facilities, and the craftsmanship of Korea Trading & Industries Corporation pursuing the best quality create the world's best quality.