About us

A company that prioritizes continuous R&D and quality improvement

Korea Trading & Industries Corporation
Leading the first-class corporate culture.

Korea Trading & Industries Corporation Co., Ltd., which has continuously grown by leading the advancement of the materials industry, has excellent technology, accumulated know-how, and Korea’s first ultra-large sheet rolling mill designed and manufactured by itself, and is a product recognized by the world for its state-of-the-art production facilities that can handle various materials. We will lead the industry.

Advanced company in the material industry in the non-ferrous metal industry

We pursue customer satisfaction as the highest goal through corporate-wide consciousness reform, management innovation, continuous R&D and quality improvement, and we will bring the best value to our customers based on thorough craftsmanship. The very product that customers are looking for, Korea Trading & Industries Corporation Co., Ltd. will reward customers for their support by promptly supplying high-quality products with sincerity.