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Plate production capacity

product capacity Thickness that can be produced Width available for sheet material production Available length of sheet material
Plate 500 ton/month 0.3~130t MAX 2,000mm MAX 6,000mm


Oxygen-free copper and tarp pitch copper used for display, lead frame, and superconductor parts are used for the best electrical/thermal conductivity, excellent formability and weldability.
Navel brass used for LED, cooling/heat sink, aircraft parts, etc. is widely used for parts requiring seawater resistance due to its excellent hot workability and hot forging properties.
Cupronickel used for ship distillation engines, evaporators and heat exchangers, and brine pipes, etc., is an alloy with excellent workability, corrosion resistance, hot workability, and weldability. It has excellent seawater resistance and is suitable for use at high temperatures.

※ It is managed as a thorough quality and production system based on the Korean Industrial Standards KS and ISO 9001 system. It is a rolling mill designed and manufactured in-house, and in the case of extra-large plates and navel brass, it was thefirst in Korea to acquire GL classification.

Advanced company in the material industry in the non-ferrous metal industry

The first,
Produced 2,000 wide plates

Width 2,000 / Length 6,000

No. 1 in sales