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Manufacturing facility

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Major manufacturing facility volume
Facilities NameProcessing CapacityQ'TY
8 Ton Furnace Inverter2,000Kw1
8 Ton Furnace9,000kg1
3.5 Ton Furnace Inverter1,250Kw1
3.5 Ton Furnace4,500Kg1
3 Ton Furnace Inverter1,250Kw1
3 Ton Furnace3,600Kg1
Slab Band Saw #1600W x L1
Slab Band Saw #2260T x 700W X7000L1
Slab Scalping700W x 2600L1
2 HI Heating Furnace1700W x 3000L1
2 HI Hot Mill2200W x 7000L1
2 HI Rough Mill1000W x 1500L1
2 HI Finish Mill1300W x 5000L1
Cut to Length(No.1)3.0T x 400W x 1200L1
Cut to Length(No.2)6.5T x 700W x 4000L1
Cut to Length(No.3)13T x 700W x 4000L1
Plate Sharing Machine(No.1)12T x 2500L1
Plate Sharing Machine(No.2)20T x 2000L1
Plate Disc Saw (No.1)100T x 1200W x 1200L1
Plate Disc Saw (No.2)120T x 1300W x 1700L1
Plate Disc Saw (No.3)150T x 2200W x 7000L1
Plate Band Saw180T x 1200W x 1200L1
2 HI Hot Mill2200W x 7000L1
Furnace4000W x 11400L x 4500H1
Slab Heating Furnace1950W x 18012L x 2580H1
Wire Brush100T x 2300W x 60000L1
Plate Leveller180T x 2700W x 3400L1
Turning M/C80T Φ13501