About us

A company that prioritizes continuous R&D and quality improvement

Everything starts with the customer.

We are doing our best today to lead the intellectual and strategic market economy through corporate-wide consciousness reform, management innovation, continuous R&D and quality improvement.

We bow our heads and express our deep gratitude to our customers who have cared for and supported us during this time.

We are a maker that produces and sells copper and copper alloy plates/coils that are used as basic materials for industries such as electricity, electronics, machinery, and construction. In the century, all of our executives and staff are united in our efforts to become an excellent company that is recognized and evaluated worldwide in the field of copper and copper alloys.

Recalling the simple truth of “Everything comes from the customer”, we promise to do everything we can to become a company loved by customers with the best products and best services, and cherish even the smallest voices of customers. I am determined to listen aloud, so please guide me through the ranks of the customer.

Thank you
CEO Il-Tae Seo & Ji-Young Seo